PHEW!!! The most fantabuloustically ultimate one month of my life finally draws to a close opening up a new world and a new journey. Its in this one month that i went from being blissfully single to becoming ram’s doting wife… from being a miss to becoming a missus… from being a daughter to becoming a daughter-in-law.. from being sister to becoming sister-in-law… from saying what? me and cook??? vera aala paru to actually enjoying cooking for ram! from being hard core chennai/bangalore-ite swa to becoming new yorker swa.. from being a perennial 9-9 employee to being unemployed.. from bidding good bye to my home to embracing my new home… a drive along the fascinating path every gal takes and now after all the huff and puff is over i finally have some time to sit and think back as to how it all actually went..!

December 2010, the cool month when i got intro-ed to the cool guy:P Feels like we just spoke and lo! we are already married for a month today! Everything happened in a jiffy! Out of the blue me coming to chennai for training … meeting ram’s relatives… and the next thing I know.. The 2 awesome ladies(mom and mom-in-law) and the gentlemen(dad and dad-in-law) had spoken and agreed upon the let-them-speak-to-each-other-and-decide thing! You can imagine the familiar frown on my face at this point:P  I was clueless. I was restless. How can i jus talk to some random guy whom i havent even seen! Where do i begin..growlll! Thats when an email popped into my inbox.. asking all politeness if we could have a chat… Sometimes things jus happen… the usual me would have thrown a tantrum.. made a fuss.. shouted at such pointless exercises.. said “ipo pesi enna aga pordhu”.. but to my own surprise i did no such thing.. went on skype and gave a call..the call that changed my life forever (obv in the good sense:P) The first conversation was decent but not entirely helping me make up my mind fully considering my video wouldnt work and tho his video worked all i cud see was a white pale mass:P  he did speak sweetly and at the end of it the fellow simply said ENAKU OK! my jaw dropped.. wat if he saw me the next day and ran away!! ( after all i was beginning to like him too..;) **sleepless night**… the subsequent talks….the approvals from all ends… the getting to know each other phase…the initial small tensions before deciding to take the plunge…the satisfaction after the yes from both ends… the night-out calls … the never ending skype sessions.. the zillion mail threads… the dreamy days … the count down until i got to see him flesh and blood.. waiting at the airport… heart beating (lub-dub)^4 per second.. catching that first glimpse…man.. he was good looking!! waayyy better then his skype avatar!! I blushed red for the first time in my life.. believe it guys.. swa BLUSHED! Then ram and all my relatives-to-be came home.. old style ponnu pathufying complete with bajji and sojji and songs and teasing talks…lovely people and a lovely time… and before we knew it the engagement was over and we were shopping for his wedding stuff!!! a week ran away and it was time for him to leave.. SAD swa.. REALLY sad! But the countdown had begun again.. 3 months for the wedding…:)

A “dream wedding” where everything falls into place beautifully.. where u dont have those last minute tensions.. is wat every gal wants to have and i am no exception…I wanted that too! The dream part definitely happened thanks to a slightly handsome husband and skype sessions that extended late night .:P But the wedding… It had to happen! aahh i need to do this.. i need to do that..everyday my list was getting bigger and the fact that i was either going to office as early as 5 o clock or as late as 2 o clock din help things as i was either sleeping or on skype the rest of the while.. 😛  a wedding is not an easy affair.. specially in our country… so many things to be planned…. so many pppl to be satisfied… requires so much coordination and patience.. but one thing.. its something u need to enjoy .. and thats exactly wat we did.. going shopping together.. choosing the card.. printing the words.. choosing the halls.. deciding the menu.. buying articles .. choosing the decorations.. inviting ppl.. going to the parlors.. deciding the sarees… running to the tailor… arranging the logistics.. at every step we were together.. all of us… aunties and uncles from both sides doing their part.. brothers and sisters doing theirs… so hand-in-hand finally we were all there… the wedding was jus around the corner.. the now familiar tension till he landed safely.. and the laddoos in the heart when we saw each other at the hall after 3 months.. priceless… ! All friends and family from the country and world over had descended.. laughter everywhere… the cameras were clicking..ppl were wishing … it was all like a daze.. the event unfolded.. the hall looked beautiful.. so did we… he had done it.. he had jus finished tying the mangal sutra around the neck of a smiling bride… it was just how i wanted it to be.. a dream wedding.. 🙂

Some rituals of ours are absolutely meant to tickle the tear glands.. and they invariably succeed.. the thali tying being one.. the sending to the new family part being another.. the grahapravesam being one more..and finally the most important being the saying bye-bye part.. I had been absolutely brave until the last part because i was happy. I liked the family and adored ram. But merely imagining u wont be with ur mom-dad-sis-gran-aunt 24*7*365 sure took its toll. I cried my way to the station. The train started and so did my new life. A few mins later i was a cheery swa thanks to some solid consoling by you-know-who:) we arrived and i was greeted into the new home.. I din have any nerves as i was sure i’d be looked after like a doll and so it was…:) 10 days of pampering by aunty and uncle jus whizzed past .. the visa had come and the moment i dreaded was there .. my mom was all red-eyed and a series of senti good byes later we took off.. i was finally being packed and flown away.. into a strange land.. faaaar faaaaaaaaaar away was my feeling 😦

But a month later i can now proudly say I am the happy-happy wife of my dear raaaam who is as sweet as he looks.. who takes care of me like I am his little princess.. who gets me everything even before I ask … who laughs when i laugh and cries when i cry and lets me be the swa that I always have been… He’s jus like i wanted him to be…:)

Taking this opportunity to thank all of you for all the warmth and love and wishes… for having been there and made this dream come true.. It wouldnt have been possible without you! Love u all!! Cheers!!


mmm.. just realised the i havent written a post since the dawn of the new year…not good na..i better write one.. but guess wat.. i havent even thought of what to write yet.. and i ve already begun ehh… !! CRAZZY! Hey thats it! i ll write abt being just a touch crazy! doing wacckky stuff! something like this.. being completely spontaneous.. with complete disregard to consequences..! wow! its fun man! just the other day.. some body asked me are u really this crazy or…and stopped mid way after the or..Sometimes i dont understand why ppl ask me such questions.. if i was really crazy did they expect me to answer in the affirmative.. or wat.. Never mind! On the other hand however.. wats wrong in being just a little crazy?? The biggest advantage as I see it is 40 years down .. when u are sitting in an easy chair with 2 yummy looking grandchildren one on each lap..u ll have storiess to tell!! U knoww.. granny was such a naughty thing when she was young.. ! I did this and that and this and that.. and the children will listen to u in awe and say.. myyy granny bestesst in their broken english! wow! priceless! If u bore them with the I was always the seedha-saadha 1st ranker who got a gold medal like stuff.. naaah! buzz off patti is probably all you ll end up getting.

uoY era gnitirw na elcitra dna ylneddus u leef ekil gnitirw ekil siht! os taw !?? tooohs!!!

  Your neighbour’s kids have come home and are demanding tooti frooti icecream.. u have only vanilla.. so wat.. take some cut mango pieces from mom’s pickle garnish the vanilla…and say whoosh tooti frooti ice cream readyyy:P enjoy the cocktail and the appreciation!

Feel like wearing crazy jajjang clothes and going for a stroll? Just do it man..

Wanna go on an escapade all alone to the andamans.? Off u go!

 You are in office and its raining. Feel like enjoying the rain? Do it and charm one and all with the wet-look:P

 You see a beautiful butterfly fluttering past? Think u are six and go running after it… don’t bottle it tho… ( poor little thing) just enjoy the chase:P

 Why care what who thinks? Anything to break the monotony!

 On a serious note why do ppl do so- called- crazy things? Either to make themselves happy or to make others happy. Either way they are spreading happiness rite?! So the next time u see some one do something crazy.. don’t stop and ask “are u crazy dude”? Join the fun and come to the party! And last but not the least.. remember only those who think they are crazy enuff to change the world end up changing it!! So.. BE ONE OF THEM!

I am in the train to bangalore and there is this cute family- mom,elder daughter(around 5) and younger daughter(all of 8 months) next to me in the remaining 2 seats of the three seater.Travelling by shatabdhi is usually a pleasure for anyone.. but not for young moms like her i figure out. Every half an hour the attender brings us something to eat. While all of us are busy chomp chomping the good food, she is all in a mess..The 8 month old cant be fed anything but pure unadulterated feeding bottle stuff and the 5 year old would do everything but eat.. All the biscuits are strewn around, the bread is half eaten, the idlies are not tasty she says..”aaargh! these twwoooooo” goes the mom.. She gives the 8 month old to me and starts the ‘process’ of making the 5 year old gobble something atleast so that she doesnt have to run into the kitchen right after the long journey. One mouth and she runs out of the chair.Manishaa come and eat.. otherwise the eagle will come and take it away she says pointing to one bird flying along the train.. man! I was scared of the same eagle as a young kid.. I knew there was more to come.. there were a lot of such ‘kid-facts’ you HAD-TO-KNOW as a kid.. !

  •  “All police/watchman uncles in khakhi/white/blue are meant to scare you into eating food or stop you from troubling your mom to get you a toy.” wat?? catching thieves? maintaining law&order?? naaah.. thats not their job! they are paid just to scare small kids man! u dunno??
  • “If you dont sleep by 9 30 mr bhoochi(name varies from region to region) would come and and put you in a sack and take you away into the forest.. even day before yesterday he took two kids from the next to next street! ” shit man!! better sleeeep !!!zzzzzzzzzzzzz!!
  • “If you lie to mom/dad, the next time you go out a crow would peck you”.. yes jhoot bole kauva kate it is!!If any of ur favourite things(like dad’s watch/specs, glass objects,anything u’d like to break and see wat’s inside) suddenly go missing its always “The crow took it and flew away”(shooot these damn crows!!!)
  • “If you dont give someone water when they ask you, you would be born as a lizard in your next birth!” This one was scary.. me and my sis would really torture each other with this… We would be up in the terrace playin and my sis would simply say get me water or else….. and i would charge down the stairs like m life depended on it and get it before she thinks of completing the sentence..!(imagine being born a lizard!!! eyuuuuckk!)
  • “If your tooth pops out bury it immediately in the same place or else it wont grow back!!” This was a really bad one..! The last period for the day was P.T and we were doing the usual 3 rounds of jogging when my first tooth fell down.. I came back home and my sis screamed…”waaaaaaaaat.. you did not bury it?? pochu po! it wont grow back..! thats ll have only 31 teeth when u grow up…!ppl will call you ‘oootta palli’… cheee!! THAT was it… i ran back to school… ran round and round the ground for 2 hrs in the hot sun.. finally found the tooth… and buried it.. PHEW!! It grew back! and i have 32 teeeth.. eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee:)
  •  Then the universal “one for sorrow two for joy” thingy… “
  • If you open your eyes in between when praying in the temple god will punish you!” (learn concentration lesson 1 dude!)

Wonder who generates these things! Some mom like the one next to me for sureee! Though there is not an ounce of truth in it… thinking back.. its been fun! Some things never change..!Am sure u will use these on ur kid too!! You will!

The last working day of last week turned out to be a rather bare… oops I mean sour… Hey I can actually say bare considering the fact that I realized the hard way how difficult it is being bare-foot in a country like ours. It was around 6:15 Friday evening. I usually have this devilish pleasure in getting up from my place only after 6: 25 for the 6 30 bus , fleeing down the stairs and catching the bus right in the nick of time but yesterday by some strange coincidence I decided to get up at 6 17 itself. I bade my good bye and made a balle-ish turn when suddenly SNAPP! The thin black strap of my even thinner black sandal had decided to popp out of its holder and leave me one slipper less. Oh no! wat to I do now??!! was my immediate reaction. Nothing much considering the fact there was noo way I could get another pair of slippers in an 8000 strong office built in some god forsaken place off city limits unless it rained shoes or I shamelessly stole it from one of my sweet colleagues. Since getting another pair was outta question next was to do some quick fix.. I did not seem stickable so we decided to pin it up with something. Babloo got some board pins and tried to pin it, punch it ,stand on it and what not! In vain! It was 6 27 and missing this bus meant I had to roam slipper-less in office till 8! Chuck it! He lost hope! He had only one piece of advice for me. Think you are walking to sabarimala and run! Wat else cud I do? I threw the blackies into the bin and raaan! I was feeling the office carpet with my bare feet for the first time.. the A/c cold stairs and the marble lobby too… I was soo embarrassed I could hardly walk. The bus stand was a good distance away and I had to walk all the way bare foot! To top it all, it was raining! I was praying no one would notice and ask me. Thankfully no one I knew came in the way of my run! My boot cut jeans was serving its full purpose today! It was doing the job of hiding my bare feet! Spotted the bus! I ran inside and it started. Happa! Its over! It was then that it dawned that the nightmare was jus going to begin. Bus stands and railway stations are the dirtiest places in our country and for god’s sake imagine walking through them in these swine-flu ridden times barefoot!Bad luck i had to!Mummmmyy…. ! The bus stopped and I was in nooo mood to get down. But I had to or else the barefoot distance would only increase. I got down in the bus stand. I was standing on my toes and helplessly looking around for even a rubber slipper shop. There were none. I had to cross the road to the other side and climb the railway bridge. Then I had to walk to good distance to the scooter stand take my scooter and drive to the shoe shop.(oh no:() I stepped on to the tar road and walked as fast as I could.. onto the divider and then the other side. This was the part I was dredding. The railway station. The steps each had 5 inches of dirt on them, there were paan marks all over the place… one rabid dog climbing the steps jus ahead of me …. aaargh… 4 steps at a time I said to myself… ! but I am not that big babol guy with elongated hands and legs! Two was the most I could. I reached the top landing. There were rotten vegetables strewn all over, the rabid dog was now peeing, one old grandpa decided he had enough of his paan and spat it.. I was now tip toeing…I got to the other set of steps and ran down without noticing anything else.railway station over.. the next was the road to the stand and boy! Disaster! Even tip toeing was difficult. Every centimeter was covered with something un steppable! Ice cream cups.. cigarette buts.. rotten fruits.. flowers.. plantain leaves… cow dung… polythene bags.. human saliva… half eaten plates of food.. slush from the rain.. juice bottles…news papers.. faeces…( I am sure u are saying eeeyuccckkk by now!) and if I managed to avoid all this.. aaaa! the stones were pricking ouch!! I jus realized wat all shit we were walking on everyday! I reached the stand and took my bike.. ran to the nearest shop and got the sturdiest of slippers that were available. As I reached home I felt like worshipping my shoes like the way bharatha worshipped rama’s slippers ! wat all it is protecting us against! My god! I washed my feet and sat down to think! This is definitely a lesson. We should stop littering the roads. There are so many who cant afford a pair of slippers. If one day was so difficult for me.. imagine their case! Please donate your old slippers and shoes to anyone u spot without them.. ! Infact after this episode I think the best punishment that can be given to anyone seen literring the roads or defecating in public is to let them walk barefoot! Sieze their shoes I say!!

A calm.. sunday evening… me and grandma walk along the dusty roads and reach the destination two streets away..It was my first time to an astrologer’s! Boy! I was excited! I have never really believed in it and was eager to see what it was all about…  We reached the place and aunty led us to the room where my friend’s thatha who is the astrologer was sitting. The 92 year old smiling man led us in. He was all of five feet, occupying 1/5th of his huge bed. Wasting no time, he took the horoscope from me. He had told us not to tell him what we had come for. He said he would find out! Hmm! Loves challenges I suppose… ! He casually flipped to the page where the boxes were drawn. Then started the intense calculations… His frail tiny hands jumped from one box to another … his hands ran along the boxes the way we used to do when we used to play snakes and ladder… He then erupted into a smile… HE is the reason for you coming here he announced pointing to “Venus”.!!! LOL! He was accusing a planet ehh! Then came a series of explanations about how Juipiter and Venus were friends and how Saturn was the one who always spoiled their plans. Suddenly he turned to me and asked… “Will you destroy ur own house?? “ Emerging out of the story-listening mood I managed to mumble a “No I wont.. Infact no one will”He said… “Good.. exactly.. so even Juipiter wont! He is generally a sane guy!” Was fascinating listening to him talk about the planets like they were his long associations.. like they were his pals..! He was then talking about the SUN like he was talking about actor surya… like he were flesh and blood! My granny who is INTO all these things was all ears and giving her own contributions to the building story! Listening to the nonagenarian speak was a real experience! He managed to almost find out why we had come and proceeded to tell us what we should do to please his good friends Mars and Mercury and partners in crime Rahu and KetuJ I couldn’t but help smile in surprise at the close bonding he seemed to feel with the planets we can barely see! Sometime later I had to visit a friend. She welcomed me in with the longest face she could put on and when I asked her what happened.. she blabbered something like.. look at the way he is yelling! She then pulled me into her room. I was expecting some good looking(?!!) friend of hers had pulled her leg and miss sensitive had as usual gotten upset. I went into the room and there was no one. I searched everywhere and half expected some guy to pop from behind the curtains but nothing of that sort ever happened. Hiding my disappointment I asked Who? She pointed to her computer! One close look and I discovered she had been accusing the COMPILER all along ! All it had done was to throw just about 250 errors minus the zillion warnings ! No wonder she was angry with HIM.. How on earth had she decided the compiler was a HE?!! Well what is it that was happening? People were just doing what Ragesh(a good friend of mine) often calls Surrogacy…! Seeing something in something else..!! Seeing life in these non – living things ! In everyone’s life comes a lonely patch when suddenly everyone seems to have vanished and dark clouds loom large overhead! ! Probably it is these lifeless things full of life that makes them spring back again.. !  Thinking a little more about it.. looks like many people actually do it.!.Haven’t we seen scientists talking to the lab equipments? Sculptors talking to their creations? Who can forget Rajinikanth cuddling his taxi Lakshmi (in some movie)!!. Hey maybe it actually works ! Sounds like its worth a try.. ! U game?? Me gonna start right way….! Its simple.. just talk to the first thing u see..? So here we go.. Hey WordPress… !! Wasssup dude?? 😉 Think u’ l help me save my post do u???! 😉

Ahhh.. Its Ten o clock..SHIT! Mom says.. Rahu kalam mudinjidthu..We can start..  Really?? I ask myself.. as I feel its just about to start… Shifting from the place I have called home since birth.. definite rahu kalam here after… ! There is something about this whole shifting thing.. Really weird it makes one feel.. Every thing.. Things I would barely notice in my 8-8 routine.. now seem to have a story attached to it… As I start packing things I probably haven’t touched in the last 22 years (yupp rite..  my mom usually does all the cleaning at home:P)  those familiar rings of flash-back appear in front of my eyes… jus like in the movies and I am swimming in those pool of memories welling up in my head. As I remove the bamboo swing off its hook… I wonder how many stuffy powerless nights its been our saviour.. me and sis would be fighting to swing on it for some air and finally both of us would be cudddled in its arms… Too bad.. the new house doesn’t have a hook to put the swing in..I am just absentmindedly loading stuff into the huge lorry  in front of out house… As if I am doing it for someone else.. Am just hallucinating everything around telling me.. “don’t goooo” .. from the custard apple tree which has grown with me into a beautiful tree from the seeds I so carefully planted after listening to an inspiring ‘science miss’ in 6th standard.. to the hibiscus tree which we smuggled from the “pakathu aathu” aunty’s house … to that rabid dog that dirties my scooty peeing under it every night… everything seems so dear suddenly.. The “vinay“ temple that me and myth built with the idol we had bought for ganesh chaturthi.. that silly old blind black cat that always crossed my path and bought super luck..  ( yeah the only time I ever got a centum in maths was when it crossed my path..Lol) I seem to be senti about everything.. I have become silly to the point that I have begun talking to the cupboards and shelves and doors and windows… This is the last time I am going to be banging you shut.. this is the last time I am gonna be locking you up.. U ll have new owners tomorrow.. One last time I went to the terrace where I ve studied for every single exam since standard 8.. Thanks to u I am an engineer I say.. if it weren’t for the you beautiful terrace I wouldn’t have probably studied half as much as I did… I am looking at even the stars so dearly as if they are gonna look different from the new place tomorrow .. Silly swa that I am! Its jus the mood I guess.. The neighbours of 20 years are dropping in to say a bye.. aaaargh I hate this! All the mami’s who ve been like family…who’ve experimented all their new dishes on me.. shared joy and sorrow.. New neighbours tom.. godd… don’t even wanna think of it now… The colony watch man.. the maid servant who have so faithfully been with us all these years.. all getting senti now.. Unable to bear the senti inside I step out rite to face my school.. my alma matter.. I ve not lost touch with even a single teacher who taught me thanks to the luxury of living rite opposite school.. not any longer… it rings in my head… I look at the street where we’ve have played all our lives… twenty little things running helter skelter as if hide and seek was life and death.. the water tank we used to hide under.. the iron vandi that was the hot hiding spot… all my ‘thatha friends’ .. who used to give me clues when I was “catcher”..I walk a little longer..  my music class – the place that was once temple.. . ajitha’s terrace.. our “hideout”.. M block… where we really “grew up” and where I met my best friends… the blue cross road where we’ve had our longest walks and amazing gossip sessions.…! A little further I reach “Jasmine” the shop that seems to have it all… anything I need at any hour.. the tiny shop and the smiling owner who would never disappoint me.. the vegetable vendors whose delicious veggies I ve eaten all my life..says he cant believe we are going away…I wave my good bye.. A little down ahead the bus stop where I ve boarded college bus for 4 years and office bus for 2 years now.. Tomorrow it’s a new place… I hear mom calling me …. Its for real…We’re leaving.. this is not my house anymore.. its just NO.19 customs colony from today.. ! “Follow the lorry “says mom sitting behind me on the scooter.. wroooomm….

Shoe! Shoe!

Well.. one more shoe hurling incident and this time at the country’s home minister and the media lappps it up like a beggar hungry since birth.Every frame.. Every possible angle…Every possible person to get “reactions” from.. Its a ‘SHOE’PPER day for them… ! Jus thinking about the after effects of this incident.. Am sure for the next one week our inboxes will be flooded with “throw a shoe” games starring PC in white and white and forwards giving us all the details ranging from how long Mr jarnail has been wearing that shoe.. to wat was the force with which he threw the shoe… to whether there were previous instances of him throwing stuff before and so on… The political parties may go a step further and in future ban shoes ,chappals and other “throwable” stuff being bought into their media rooms.. The akali dal which has promised mr jarnail a 2 lakh award for protesting on behalf of the SIKH community may in fact make him their contestant in the near future.. who knows?!The “SHOE” is on its way to become the ultimate symbol of protest.It is definitely going to rank “1” in atleast a dozen surveys this year like “the sexiest weapon of the year” or or some thing similar. Journalism as a career is going to take a serious beating .Journalists who are supposed to believe that the “pen is mightier than the shoe” are themselves surrendering to the shoe! Just by hurling a shoe he has pulled the whole nation’s attention towards an issue thats being written abt page after page after page since 1984! Am sure the “Go Green” guys must be saying “How much paper waste!” Just one shoe was enuff ! Hmph! Politicians will now have to “satisfy” a journalist when they happens to question them. We better get prepared to listen to answers as long as those in the 16 mark questions section of a tamil nadu stateboard 12th standard students paper. Saad! Movie directors will now be vying to name movies seruppu/chappal/shoe/sandal and all variations of them. Shoe companies would probably start having taglines like Adidas – Ek shoe bhi bas.. Reebok – agar sikhana hai sabok…Nike – for the men behind the mike!(OK OK …I dont think am very good at it…. But i know u ‘Caught’it:))

Ok.. lemme stop jabbering and talk some sense.. lest u think I was hit by a shoe just as I started writing which affected my left brain a bit. For one thing politicians around the world should wake up and keep their eyes open (not to duck away from shoes) but to issues that need to be resolved. Its a strong message that people are tired of being burried by the beauracracy.There are no longer afraid to protest as these incidents have shown the way. Since mr jarnail has not even been arrested it has been left off as “acceptable” behaviour. So keep a watch! who knows wat next? As for the journalists, well if educated classes like them start flinging stuff in the middle of a press conf.. what can we expect from the slum dwellers and the uneducated? Watch it folks!